Frequently Asked Questions

Development Process

  • When will ProEngineer launch? - Currently we are in development and aim to start Beta testing in Jun-18.  Target launch is around end of August 2018.  Please reach out if you are interested in helping us Beta test.
  • What further support do you require prior to the launch? - Over the next few months we still need to undertake extensive beta testing and consult with industry to ensure this product matches the market.  We also need to finalise the legal, financing and insurance requirements.  If you believe you can assist with any of these areas please contact us at

For Engineers (and Engineering Teams)

  • Who can sign up? - Anybody eligible for IEAUST membership is welcome to sign up and provide their services.  We will verify creditials but once that is complete you are welcome to bid on the gig platform and 
  • Will you be advertising for positions? - Not initially.  All engineers who wish to sign-up need to have an ABN to participate.  Our platform is not a recruitment tool but a platform to efficiently provide contractors and engineering consultancies with sustainable work flow.  Long term we would like to recruit Project Managers to assist with securing and delivering packages of work.
  • I own a small consultancy.  Do each of my employees need to sign up separately? - No.  You will be able to sign up as an Engineering firm and give access to each employee so they can create their own profile.  We intend to give you the option to also bid on work as a team as well as also bring in outside contractors to supplement your offer.
  • Do I get credit for bringing clients too you? - Absolutely.  While we are still working through the details we intend to setup a reward package for bringing in both other Engineers and Clients.  If you have a client now that you want to bring to us, please reach out and we can come to an arrangement.
  • How does this Payment Guarantee work?  Do I get paid regardless of client payment? - The payment guarantee will give you, your fee payment five (5) days after the client approves that the scope of work has been completed to their satisfaction.  Your payment will be advanced separate to the client's payment.  Even without the 'Payment Guarantee' option, your fee payment is not linked to the client payment.  ProEngineer will pay you thirty (30) days after the client has approved the invoice.
  • Can I bring clients over so I can utilise the Payment Guarantee? Please do!  This is why we have created this platform.  There will also be rewards for this kind of support.
  • Contractually, will my firm be engaged by ProEngineer or by the Company? You will contractually be engaged directly with the company, with ProEngineer acting as an agent.  You will need to electronically accept the contract with the Company for each package of work.  ProEngineer's role is to facilitate the engagement, provide a platform for the management and administration of the contract and facilitate the payment process.
  • Do I have the option to negotiate the contract terms with the Company? No, under ProEngineer you will only be able to accept or reject the client's terms.  While this is the case, ProEngineer will pre-negotiated all terms and conditions ensuring that they comply with terms expected of work under $100k.  Our legal work scope is still underway, but we will be setting a policy around acceptable terms.
  • How much will ProEngineer cost me? - ProEngineer is free to sign-up and there are no ongoing membership charges.  The only charge that the Engineer could occur is the option fee for the Payment Guarantee.  We are still arrange out debt facilities and will confirm this fee upon release, although it is expect to be a minor % based fee.

For Companies (who procure Engineering)

  • How do I know the Engineer's are certified? - Trust is key for the success of the ProEngineer platform.  Every engineer is hand vetted to ensure they meet the IEAUST requirements.  On their profile you will be able to see copies of their qualifications and the IEAUST categories they fall into.  While it is not certification, over time, the Engineer's will develop a performance profile from the feedback of other clients which you will be able to view.
  • How Does the Gig Platform work?  Very straight forward and similar to other online market platforms except for the contracting process.  You can prepare a scope of work, plus clear deliverables for work packages under $100k.  The gig can be open bid or an invite only.
  • Do I need to negotiate terms for each engagement? No.  Terms will be negotiated only once with ProEngineer upon sign-up.  Once agreed, these terms will form the basis for all future engagements.
  • I will need multiple logins, is this possible?  The platform has been setup such that an initial company account is established where the company profile, contract terms and payment terms etc are agreed.  Once this account is active, the company can add as many user accounts as needed.  Each user account can be configured with its own permissions and approval limits.
  • What are the payments terms available?  ProEngineer intend to offer you terms of 30, 60 and 90 days; terms which are not possible for contractors and small consultancies.  We are still arrange out debt facilities, but foresee a minor % based fee for the 60 and 90 day arrangements.
  • What options do we have should the Engineer not perform? ProEngineer's agreements have the necessary terms to take action in this event.  We do intend to setup a dispute process which will have strict timelines to resolve any non-conformance.  If this does not resolve the issue, ProEngineer will take action to self perform or procure another engineer to complete the work.  
  • How is this different to TenderLink or similar platforms? ProEngineer is more than just a tender platform.  It provides efficiency through the pre-agreement of contracts and pre-vetting of engineers, allowing for many prompt small transactions.  While their has been much discussion around the gig economy, as yet professional engineering services have not yet taken capitalised on the benefits.  ProEngineer aims to provide a platform where professional engineers can obtain a consistent income through gigs and companies can benefit from the efficiencies of a virtual engineer services company.

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